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The Digital Signage proposed by Reklama is an innovative software completely in Italian, which allows you to manage advertisements on any type of screen, easily and quickly, with dedicated technical support always by your side. Reklama works via internet through APP or through a browser and by connecting to our servers.

Thanks to Reklama’s remote control, you can publish images, videos and texts on monitors, TVs and any type of screen in real time, interacting even more dynamically and intuitively through APP. At any time you will have your monitor network under control for the dynamic management of published content that can range from simple text to static images, reaching up to moving videos with or without audio. Furthermore, Reklama always informs you about the status of your screens so that you can intervene promptly in the event of a fault or power failure. Reklama is the best way to promote entertainment or informational messages, or simply advertising communications!

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Simple and intuitive

You can create and publish content in an instant, so your screens will become perfect sales tools!

Pay only when you use

Every month you’ll be back here and buy another 30 days of subscription. Without any kind of obligation. Easy no?

Unlimited content

You can share unlimited content such as photos, videos and texts. You can schedule the publication sequence through the specific calendar.

Free support

You can always count on the help of our expert support team for connecting the screens and for publishing and sharing files.

Endless possibilities ..

Our smart apps can be used to publish full-screen content, both in portrait and landscape orientation. The Apps will help you manage your monitor network even from a mobile phone, allowing you to modify the contents, the order of publication and understand which monitors are working and which are not.​

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Easy to use on any screen!

Every activity has different needs, we know it and this is why Reklama adapts to screens with different orientations, ie vertical and horizontal. When connecting your screens to Reklama, we will set the orientation that will allow the software to publish full-screen content including video.

If you need to use Reklama on maxi screens of custom size, no problem. We customize the software that will be given to you, for any screen, guaranteeing you the best performance and product satisfaction.

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App Reklama available

In addition to the control panel via desktop, you can also manage Reklama via the App, whether you have an Android device or Iphone!

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